A Historic Blessed Sunday at St. Nicholas Stavropigia Orthodox Church, Philadelphia USA
05 червня 2018
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Father Deacon Daniel Terrazas Serves First Divine Liturgy with Very Reverend Bohdan Zhoba, Rector

St. Nicholas Stavropigia Starosta, Thomas J. Hanney, and the entire Congregation are ever grateful to His Holiness Patriarch Philaret for granting the education and mentoring of Father Deacon Daniel Terrazas at the Theological Academy in Lutsk, under the direction of Metropolitan Michael Zinkievich. Father Deacon Daniel completed his studies, was ordained and blessed on May 29, 2018, by His Holiness to serve with Very Reverend Bohdan Zhoba, Rector, in Philadelphia USA.

Father Deacon Daniel participated in his first Divine Liturgy with Very Reverend Bohdan Zhoba, Rector, on Sunday, June 3. It was a particularly joyous occasion as on this one Sunday, following Divine Liturgy, Father Deacon also officiated at the Marriage Blessing of Philip and Ellen Hanavin, who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, and the Baptism of Alexander Tomakh, child of Oleksandr Tomakh and Mariya Ryemyen – three holy events on the first day the Deacon served at St. Nicholas Stavropigia.

Father Deacon came to St. Nicholas Stavropigia Orthodox Church in 2017 as a member of the Patriarchal Choir. Father Bohdan’s spiritual leadership and sermons so inspired Father Deacon that he converted to Orthodoxy and made the lifelong commitment to become an Orthodox Deacon. Father Deacon, an American citizen born in the state of Texas, USA, is a professional singer, having received a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of North Texas in 2005. He has performed numerous opera roles during his singing career. He also enjoyed entertaining the students at the Theological Academy in Lutsk when he studied there.

The resonant, powerful voices of Father Bohdan and Deacon Daniel bring special beauty and spirituality to St. Nicholas Church. Thomas Hanney and the Congregation are thankful to His Holiness for blessing the permanent presence of both clergy in Philadelphia.

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